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The video below shows you how easy this step is to complete. Once you complete the steps below, you will set up your public profile and learn how to make money using your affiliate URL tracking link.

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As always, be sure to read all directions below before you take action in order to continue and complete the few remaining steps of this setup process.


In order for the remaining steps to work, you will need to be sure you have completed the affiliate registration on this website and have already logged into your new affiliate account to make sure it works as per the last set of directions. If you were able to successfully log into your affiliate account, you can continue below.


After you read all of the directions below, you will click here to set up another free membership to another website where you will create your free public profile listing so people can click on your special URL link so you can earn money. The “click here” link above will open up in a new tab so you can keep this page open to read directions if needed.


After clicking on the link above, you will be on a new website where you will set up another free membership the exact same way you set up the first two free memberships. You should already know how the free membership registration process works by now so we won’t add all of the detailed directions here. Stay focused on completing all steps to avoid issues.


Once you have set up your new free membership on this new website through the “click here” text link above, you will login into that new free membership and follow the setup directions on the Member Home page for completing the remaining steps of this entire setup process. NOTE: You will be using your new free membership access on the Member Home page to learn how you will make money using your new affiliate link.


Only a few more simple steps left below to complete and you will be ready to start learning all about how to earn money. It takes a bit of time getting all set up but you will soon see why this program is so powerful and how it does almost all of the work for you once you are set up.

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